Hazzum Productions publishes comic books as well as providing graphic design services and project management. Our focus has been on all-age comics, but in 2020 we are branching out into horror and fantasy with several new releases in the works. Please check out what we have available over on our webstore!



Rodney is a writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. He has been working on and off in comics since the early 90s. His art style varies from high detailed illustrations to cartoony drawings. His stories include superhero tales, all-ages stories, and more recently, he has ventured into drama and horror. When he is not working on his own projects with Hazzum, he does commissions and works freelance on other projects. See more of his work on FB under The Art of Rodney Fyke or on IG @rodney_fyke.


Eamon Hill is a tattooer and cartoonist based in Cincinnati. He and his wife, Lish Crossland-Hill, comprise Pigbone Comics; the studio responsible for the gothic horror-western Arcana Vaquero. Eamon is a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to art preferring brush, ink washes, and watercolor.Eamon is also the artist on Roadkill Rampage; a thrill ride morality tale with plenty of twists created and penned by Hazzum’s own Rodney Fyke. Also, he loves his cats and his dog. Follow @eamonhilltattoos and @pigbonecomics to see more of his work.


Dave is a letterer, designer and sometimes artist and writer. When not reading comics, he does his best to create them by any of the above means. He’s pretty keen on his wife and son, Batman, Star Wars, TMNT, and comics in general and has done work for Source Point Press, Last Wolf Legion, Action Lab, and more. He won’t bore you with further self-adulation, but if you want you can find his work at www.davelentz.com.