Dawg Haus is an adult buddy-cop whodunit featuring our two clue-sniffing detectives, Scirocco and Rubbs, who are called to a neighborhood bar in New Growl City to investigate the death of its owner, Eddie. The duo learns that Eddie had been working closely with the Mouse Mafia and that someone has been undermining their control of the local spice syndicate. After speaking with the local barflies and examining the available evidence, they discover that more is afoot than just Eddie’s murder. Was it Eddie who was defrauding the Head Cheese, or was he just collateral damage in a much larger crime? Everyone is a suspect as they try to determine…who cut the cheese.

Dawg Haus #1 is a 24-page full-color comic. Issue #1 is a self-contained complete story. Dawg Haus will be an ongoing series with Hazzum featuring these characters.