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Peanut Puddin’ N Jelly Trade Paperback 1

Peanut Puddin’ N Jelly Trade Paperback 1



Peanut’ Puddin’ n’ Jelly – Vol 1 – Issue 1-4 Collected

Art and Story by Rodney Fyke

Cover Colors by Sean Forney

(All Ages)


Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly are three siblings who believe they are superheroes and the best crime fighters the neighborhood has to offer. But first, they need costumes and tools! So, they rake leaves to earn the money they need to buy supplies and then head out to take on the neighborhood crime. Their first encounter is with Cat, Scratch, and Fever, the neighborhood cat burglars, and then they face Rattler and the Big Crumb, the neighborhood bullies. Then in Issue #4, they return to their secret headquarters to discuss whether capes are really a good idea for superheroes.