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Pitter Patter – Issue #2 (2021)

Pitter Patter – Issue #2 (2021)


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Pitter Patter – Issue #2 (2021)

Story and Art by Rodney Fyke

Letters by Dave Lentz

(All Ages)


The second issue allows us to peel the onion back a little more in Buddy and Dude’s first full-length tale. Here we learn how Buddy came to live with the BDO after his time on the mean streets. While he now enjoys the spoils of being a house cat, things were not always so easy for him. Dude, being a sheltered rescue kitten, thinks that being an outside cat would be fun and is shocked to hear Buddy’s tales of life in the wild. They also teach us about their favorite game, Name-That-Sound!


This updated version was successfully funded through Kickstarter.  Click here to see the Kickstarter.