Meet Hazzum’s CCN – Da’Sherm

Let us introduce you to our CCN (Chief Cat Napper) Sherman (Da’Sherm) Fyke.

Since he was sprung from the big house in 2017, he has been an invaluable part of our creative team. While most days he supervises from high on the second step, occasionally he ventures into the studio to relax in his executive chair, to make sure everyone is maintaining his level of production standards.

Da’Sherm officially oversees head-nubbins and belly rubs. While he knows that this decreases studio productivity, he is a firm believer that a break is always a good thing. Sometimes, he will allow his siblings Da’Bean and Short Round to venture into the studio to keep his chair warm while he is away.

Da'Sherm Lounging Around

Da’Sherm Lounging Around

He does make “appearances” in Pitter Patter through contribution to the plot and details of the stories. He is where the idea of Pitter Patter came from as he would run across the floor over the studio and we could hear the pitter-patter of his little feet all day as he would play while we worked.

For more information on Da’Sherm, please message us or follow us on Facebook or Instagram as he does make appearances there. Unfortunately, he has a strong no autograph policy.