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Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly – Guest Artist, Jeremy “Skarekro” O’Ryan

Peanut, Puddin’ n’ Jelly – Guest Artist, Jeremy “Skarekro” O’Ryan

We met Skarekro at our local comic shop, Comics 2 Games, one day when we stopped by to pick up some comic books.

We were introduced by a mutual friend and Kro, as he is fondly referred to, explained to us how he really wanted to work in comics. He showed us some of his art and Rodney and Kro became fast art buddies.

When we got to Issue #5 of PPn’J, we wanted to go in a different direction with the art as Rodney had been doing it all for the first four issues. With him writing, penciling, inking, and hand-coloring the books with colored pencils, he had little time to work on anything else. We also wanted to move to digital coloring, so the books would have a more modern look and feel. After watching Kro grow as an artist, we felt like his style would help change the look of the book. So, Rodney and Kro started working together to design the new style for the characters.

Together, they make a great team. Rodney would thumbnail out the pages. Kro would add his touch with the pencils; giving the characters the fun updated look. Then Rodney would go back and embellish with inks and digitally color the art.

Kro was the guest artist on Issue #5, Apple Bomb Barrage, and Issue #6, Slope Slop, as well as two free comic book day shorts. We also have Issue #7 penciled by him, but we have put the book on hiatus to work on some other projects. We hope to finish that issue in the future and release the complete PPn’J series as an Omnibus.  

Kro continues to work in comics and lives in Florence, Kentucky with his Wife and family of furry friends.

You can see more of his art on FB @Jeremy O’Ryan (Skarekro Art) and on IG @skare_kro_art.

Comics2Games is in Florence, Kentucky. http://www.comics2games.com