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Dawg Haus is an adult buddy-cop whodunit featuring our two clue-sniffing detectives, Scirocco and Rubbs, who are called to a neighborhood bar in New Growl City to investigate the death of its owner, Eddie. The duo learns that Eddie had been working closely with the Mouse Mafia and that someone has been undermining their control of the local spice syndicate. After speaking with the local barflies and examining the available evidence, they discover that more is afoot than just Eddie’s murder. Was it Eddie who was defrauding the Head Cheese, or was he just collateral damage in a much larger crime? Everyone is a suspect as they try to determine…who cut the cheese.

Dawg Haus #1 is a 24-page full-color comic. Issue #1 is a self-contained complete story. Dawg Haus will be an ongoing series with Hazzum featuring these characters. 

tory & Colors: – Rodney Fyke is a writer and artist from Cincinnati, Ohio. His favorite saying is “Back in the 90s,” where he continues to spend some of his time. He is also our resident “Fykus” tree that has a knack for drawing. His art style varies from highly detailed illustrations to cartoony stylings; in other words, he will draw anything you want. When he’s not photosynthesizing in the garden, he is either writing or drawing awesome Hazzum books such as Roadkill RampagePeanut, Puddin’ n’ JellyPitter Patter, and Unchained. Dawg Haus is Rodney’s freshest creation, and he believes this abomination of humor is hilarious. In fact, he thinks it is so funny that he broke his back from laughing so hard and now has to have Adamantium grafts. He has several projects coming out this year with Hazzum and under other publishers. You can find him on the web by clicking here.

Art: C. Michael Lanning is a former Louisiana swamp monster that converted into an independent artist after realizing used bayou water couldn’t be sold as a delicacy. Since then, he has done work for Arrow Comics,  Apothic Press,  and Hazzum Productions. With the four nutria rats he adopted, in case he needs a kidney, he is currently moving into the future with eyes on more upcoming projects that may help him forget his failed foray into the mineral water market. If you’re ever in need of his services or a case of Crispy Bayou Mineral Water, look for him at linktr.ee/cmichaellanning.

Editing: Nita Lanning is the Executive Producer for the Indie Comics Network. When she is not tending to her hamster herd, she focuses on trying to wrangle the content creators on the Indie Comics Network and does her best to remain out of Facebook jail. Nita is our editor, and is, well, special. She looks at words and makes sure things are okay in the wording department; sometimes, she also spells things better than us.  She definitely knows when something is funny, and when it’s not. You can find her and all her fun friends and those crazy creators on the Indie Comics Network at linktr.ee/IndieComicsNetwork.  

Letters and Graphic Design: Aaron Locust is a letterer and graphic designer by day, and a smut actor at night. If you know, you know. 

Hazzum: aka Tina McElhinney. She is the glue that holds it all together. She works hard to make sure everyone stays on track and gets paid, so the books get made. Plus, she is in charge of Kickstarters, including shipping and receiving. In her spare time, which honestly there isn’t much, she tries very hard not to lose her mind and maintain a sense of humor. Find her here https://linktr.ee/tinamcelhinney

Sparkle Dog Launches with Hazzum

The Legend of Sparkledog #1: Don’t Say OwO follows the story of our genderfluid protagonist Quinn who decides to purchase a fursuit from a very questionable website. Once the fursuit arrives, Quinn discovers that the suit might be the one wearing them.

Join Quinn on a bizarre multi-genre adventure as they try to collect the Four Crystal Paw Pads to bring peace back into the world…or are they?

Sparkle Dog Issue #1 is a 22-page full-color comic that sets the stage for this absolute nightmare adventure that is so bizarre that the creators have dubbed it “Shenanigans” to the comic book world…and they could not be prouder.

Plus, the book is 100% complete and ready to be sent to the printer once the campaign funds are received.

Back in the ’90s – School is in Session

The year was 1990. Chris, Deon, and I were on a course to carve out our legacy.  Chris and I wrote for what seemed to be weeks. Deon sat on the couch drawing the pages as fast as they were written. He laughed at Chris and me as we acted out fight scenes on the living room floor. Sometimes he would even join in on the fun. As the stories were wrapped up and in production, jobs were assigned and then…we realized we had no idea how we were going to publish it!  We could create it, but how the hell did we sell it?  We had no idea how out of our depth we were.  Ah to be young and dumb.

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Hazzum Productions Superior Seven

Back in the 90’s

Every now and again in the course of a conversation, I will inevitably make the comment “back in the ’90s,” referencing a point in time when my best friends and I self-published our own black and white superhero comic book, the Superior Seven.

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